#14 - The Ugly Duckling


February 27, 2007

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14 - The Ugly Duckling00:37

14 - The Ugly Duckling

"#14 - The Ugly Duckling" is the 15th episode of Skippy's Short Stories.


Skippy tells the story about a "hideous little duck" walking around who has no friends as he has bad gas and smells bad. He walks up to a big pack of geese who honk at him and the ugly duckling says he doesn't understand what he is saying, so he goes to look in his book of "ducktionary" (a spoof of a dictionary). The ducks are staring and saying something like, "He rubbed it! He rubbed it! He rubbed it!" and the confused duckling says, "WHAT?!". Then Skippy shouts, "STUPID!".

The duckling decides to go get himself some reconstructive surgery, so he goes down to Hollywood, makes himself some botox and face lips, and walks back to the goose, who tells him he can play ball with them since he is now hot. The pleased duckling asks if he can really play with them now and forgives the goose for everything they ever said and for calling him ugly and everything else — until the goose says no. Skippy then shouts, "STUPID!".



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