#24 - Alice In Wonderland


April 30, 2008

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24 - Alice In Wonderland

24 - Alice In Wonderland

"#24 - Alice In Wonderland" is the 25th episode of Skippy's Short Stories.


Skippy tells the story of a girl named Alice hanging out in her jacuzzi. Skippy asks if the viewers know about a hole in the side of the wall that their parents always tell them not to play with because Alice played with it and stubbornly ignored her parents. In doing so, she suddenly gets sucked into another dimension.

Alice wakes up next to a headless cat, making her start screaming. Skippy says there is a white bunny rabbit pooping everywhere and stealing everybody's watches. There are also midgets trying to have a tea party, but Alice did not like that either.

Soon, Alice stumbles upon a castle with a fat lady called the Queen of Hearts living there, playing cards and having a big cigar hanging out of her mouth. She tells Alice to come in and play cards with her. Being a gambler at heart, Alice goes into the castle and whoops while cleaning up for the old lady. Suddenly, the Queen of Hearts grabs a knife, stabs Alice in the heart, and shouts, "OFF WITH HER HEAD!", but then tells her card henchmen to back it up a little bit because there are two parents sitting in a jacuzzi with shocked expressions. Skippy then shouts, "STUPID!".