#30 - Jack B. Nimble


February 18, 2009

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30 - Jack B

30 - Jack B. Nimble

"#30 - Jack B. Nimble" is the 31st episode of Skippy's Short Stories.


Skippy tells the story about a boy whose name was Jack, who thought he was really cool since he could jump over all kinds of candles. Everyone would cheer him on and they say to look at Jack because he can jump over a candle.

However, the novelty went away and people started to find it not too impressive because he could jump over a small candle. A determined Jack decides to prove himself, so people started to say, "Jack B. Nimble, Jack jump higher! Jack, come and jump over this raging fire!" instead of "Jack B. Nimble, Jack be quick! Jack jump over the candlestick!" and Jack took on all of the challenges and conquered jumping over the raging fire. Then the people say, "Jack B. Nimble, Jack be great, Jack jump over this really sharp pointy gate!" and Jack conquers that one. Then the people say, "Jack B. Nimble, Jack be tryin', Jack jump over this man-eating lion!" and he conquers it as well. The people cheer Jack on and compliment him. Then they come up with one more: "Jack B. Nimble, Jack trade java, Jack jump over this molten lava!" and Jack conquers this once again, making the people cheer him on some more and they are amazed at how Jack completed all of the challenges.

Then a child named Franklin comes up and tells Jack he is not impressive and says that anyone can jump over stuff one at a time and dares Jack to impress him by jumping over everything at once. He says Evel Knievel did it and orders Jack to do it and calls him a "big sissy boy". Jack accepts and tells Franklin to shut up or else he is going to jump over his "ugly face" one day. He proceeds to line up the candlesticks, the raging fire, the pointy sharp gate, the man-eating lion, and finally, the molten lava. A big crowd of people came around from miles and thousands and Jack comes running up and jumps over everything and succeeds. He turns around and he sees the crowd screaming his name and yelling and cheering for him, and he saw everything he just jumped over and he was just so good all in. As he walks backwards, Skippy says the only thing Jack did not see was a semi-truck coming down the road that smashes Jack, killing him. Skippy says, "Jack wasn't nimble, he had bad luck! Jack shoulda jumped outta the way of that truck!". Then he shouts, "STUPID!".