A Very Special Message From Cop & Iggy!
Special Message


May 23, 2010

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The Cop and Iggy



A Very Special Message From Cop & Iggy!!!00:24

A Very Special Message From Cop & Iggy!!!

"A Very Special Message From Cop & Iggy!!!" is the 4th episode of The Cop and Iggy.


Cop shows up, making a long call. After he finishes, Iggy pops up and greets Cop, who greets his partner back. Iggy tells him to listen and that they need to do another public service announcement. Cop shouts, "ANOTHER PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMEEEEEEENT!!!". Iggy tells the Cop to "let 'em have it", so he does and tells the viewers not to do crack.

The scene cuts to a montage of a black man, with a logo on top saying, "THE LESS YOU KNOW!".

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