Ask Skippy #11 - Sugar High


April 7, 2007

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Ask Skippy 11 - Sugar High02:58

Ask Skippy 11 - Sugar High

"Ask Skippy #11 - Sugar High" is the 11th episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called Scott Sanferd writes to Skippy and asks him, "what happens when you are on a sugar high? :) 8D :S :( :D :O :P ;)". When he gets to the ";)", which he calls "Dude winkin' at me," Skippy says that he does not like dudes winking at him. He continues to read the email, which says, "=] =) (=". Flattered, Skippy tells Scott that he should come around on the weekend every Friday night when he and Finney have a sugar party. After Finney showed up to loudly announce the party alongside Skippy, the two friends cheer loudly, with Skippy going first and Finney going second. They do this again and Skippy opens his mouth to cheer, but only Finney cheers this time. This makes Skippy laugh at him and Finney laughs along. Skippy then leaves and Finney tells him that he got him before leaving with him.

The scene switches to the two in the kitchen going crazy over all the sugar products and the sugar party begins.

6 hours later, Skippy and Finney are resting on top of the counter, exhausted and out of breath from the long party. Skippy said it was amazing and absolutely the most fun he had in weeks and Finney says it was the best sugar party ever. Skippy tells Finney he is getting kind of hungry and he says he is, too. Finney then tells Skippy that he has got a Mr. Goodbar in his pocket. Skippy asks Finney if he is thinking what he is thinking and Finney says that he thinks he is. The two then get excited for another sugar party — until Finney tells Skippy he was actually thinking about a pink little bunny rabbit. Not expecting this, Skippy chuckles a little bit and says, "A pink little bunny rabbit?". Then he turns to the camera and shouts, "STUPID!".

The scene switches to a montage that reads, "SED YOUR QUESTIONS TO SKIPPY AND HE WILL ANSWER THEM! ASK SKIPPY@HOTMAIL.COM." Then the "SKIPPYSHORTS.COM" logo appears.


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