Ask Skippy #19 - Thugs and Gangsters


October 22, 2008

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Ask Skippy 19 - Thugs and Gangsters

Ask Skippy 19 - Thugs and Gangsters

"Ask Skippy #19 - Thugs and Gangsters" is the 19th episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called j2nsmf (Jumping To Neverland So Much Forever {"Or somethin'," as Skippy says}) writes to Skippy and asks him, "what's up with the thugs and gangsters? i mean... why is the culture so corrupt?!". Agreeing, Skippy tells j2nsmf that is a good question since he has always pondered it himself. He says he would walk outside in the streets, roaming at night and is scared for his life because everyone in his neighborhood has a gun and is a thug and a gangster. For example, he says, "Old lady: Gangster! Black man: Gangster! White man: Gangster! Little girl: Gangster! Neighborhood dog: GANGSTER!".
Skippy Shorts Obama Gangster

Obama dressed as a gangster

Skippy explains that everybody is a gangste, even the politicians.The scene then cuts to a screenshot of Obama dressed in a blinged gangster outfit.

Skippy assumes the thugs and gangsters are taking over the world, so he says there is only one solution to it. However, he cannot think of one, so Nancy shows up and randomly suggests to "deep fat fry" them and "roll them around in gravy". Skippy nods his head in agreement, saying to "deep fat fry them and gravy them with roll around". Confused, he asks Nancy what she said and she stupidly answers that she is an antelope, to which Skippy says, "Oh my God!" as he cannot believe Nancy's stupidity. Then he shouts, "STUPID!".