Ask Skippy #1 - basketballgurlie


January 25, 2007

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Ask Skippy



Ask Skippy 1 - basketballgurlie00:43

Ask Skippy 1 - basketballgurlie

"Ask Skippy #1 - basketballgurlie" is the 1st episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called basketballgurlie writes to Skippy and says, "hello. your videos are so funny! What would be so awesome is if you oops i mean(Skippy) would mention me in one of his videos. Well that's all for now. C-ya! P.S. I am one of your subscribers." Skippy looks at basketballgurlie's username and says he cannot even think of a way to mention her. He tries to think, but gives up and says he cannot do it since he hasn't mentioned basketballgurlie. Then Skippy shouts, "STUPID!".

The scene switches to a montage that reads, "Send Skippy Your Questions And He Will Answer Them! Or send a youtube message!".


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