Ask Skippy #22 - Dance Moves


May 21, 2009

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Ask Skippy 22 - Dance Moves

Ask Skippy 22 - Dance Moves

"Ask Skippy #22 - Dance Moves" is the 22nd episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called newsboysfan (to which Skippy assumes that he likes boys that "throw papers at driveways" because of his username) writes to Skippy and asks, "does skippy have any cool dance moves? i can't dance! and i was wondering if he could show me how." Skippy says that only a Newsboys fan should do a certain dance move. He then thanks newsboysfans for writing and asks what does he want to do. He says he is going to do a very sick move and says all the Newsboys fans in the world have to do it together so it looks just right. Skippy says he needs all the Newsboys fans to congregate on a busy highway around noon. He instructs to get in the middle of freeway, hold hands, release one hand at a time, and start hitting themselves in the face (which he introduces as a "dance move"). Then Skippy says to switch arms if the fans get tired and tells them not to be afraid of the honking horn since he says they aren't going to hurt them and to keep going. Skippy says to keep doing it because he has a feeling a Mack truck will come by soon and end the dance for them. He keeps hitting himself in the face, only to get hit by a Mack truck in the streets. He then pops back up and shouts, "STUPID!".

The scene cuts to a montage that reads, "SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO SKIPPYSHORTS@GMAIL.COM," with a voice in the background saying, "Skippy Shorts!" and music playing.