Ask Skippy #23 - Hair


June 13, 2009

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Ask Skippy 23 - Hair

Ask Skippy 23 - Hair

"Ask Skippy #23 - Hair" is the 23rd episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called writes to Skippy and says, "Hello Skippy! I am 16 years old... and have hair that looks like yours." Skippy stops and takes a look at it on top of a green chalkboard (which rolls by and Skippy pops out from the top), reading, "I am 16 yearsold... ed_and_george I am 16 ed_and_george I have hair like yours... ed_and_george." Skippy tells ed_and_george that they are confusing him. Skippy, playing Ed's part, says that either they are a two-headed monster or, playing George's part, says they have a split personality, but is glad they are both boys because he says their parents probably would have kicked them out.

Skippy proceeds to read some more, "I know your hair is awesome... and I know you know you hair is awesome... but everybody thinks my hair looks STUPID! My question is... Do you ever get teased about your hair... and what should I do... to make them stop... teasing me?". Feeling bad for ed_and_george, Skippy asks if they are messing with him about his hair. Skippy says people used to mess with him about his hair and they got him so mad that he would walk right up to them, did nose-to-nose with one bully, and asked if he looked funny and would headbutt them. However, as he does this, his whole head of hair flies off, revealing Skippy's bald appearance. Shocked and embarrassed, Skippy says his head better "kill his eyes" and "slap his eyes" and flies into a fit of rage. Then Skippy screams, "STUPID!".