Barack Obama
Skippy Shorts Barack Obama


Barack Hussein Obama II




Being president and voted, money, that he isn't McCain, his new "puppet doll name" Clawverbro, his family, rapping, insulting McCain


John McCain, not being voted


Barack Obama, Sr. (father)
Ann Dunham (mother)
Michelle Obama (wife)
Malia Obama
Sasha Obama (daughters)

Barack Hussein Obama II is a character in the Skippy Shorts franchise. He is based on the real-life president of the United States of the same name.

Obama is a man who loves to be voted and favored over everyone else, particularly his arch-rival John McCain. He is Barack Obama, Sr. and Ann Dunham's son, Michelle Obama's husband, and Malia and Sasha's father.


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Obama is self-centered, greedy, spoiled, arrogant, vain, bull-headed, pompous, and intelligent. He has a dislike for McCain and is enemies with him. Whenever he gets the chance, Obama will insult McCain and put him down.


Skippy Shorts Obama Gangster

Obama dressed as a blinged gangster in "Ask Skippy #19 - Thugs and Gangsters"

In the episode "Ask Skippy #19 - Thugs and Gangsters," it is revealed that Obama has had a secret life of being a thug when Skippy noted that even the politicians are secretly gangsters.

As a puppet

Obama is a black human-style puppet. He has googly eyes and a black Afro. The inside of his mouth is red. Obama lacks visible legs since that is where his puppeteer's hand slips in to control him.

He wears a suit and, at one point, a tuxedo.




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