Skippy Shorts, correcting Skippy, prunes, Clawverbro, killing the Creepy Old Lady


The Creepy Old Lady



Dennis, also known as Dennis the Dinosaur, is a character in the Skippy Shorts franchise. He is a tyrannosaurus rex who is Skippy's mentor and friend.


Dennis' favorite foods are prunes (as revealed in "Ask Skippy #18 - Middle Name," when he caught the Creepy Old Lady {who was very scared of him} and killed her by thrashing her about) and Clawverbro (as revealed in "Ask Skippy #20 - Clawverbro," when he says he eats Clawverbro).


Dennis has a mentor-like relationship with Skippy. Sometimes, whenever Skippy mispronounces anything or has trouble with something, Dennis will show up, correct him, and leave. Almost every time he appears, scary, dramatic music plays in the background.


Like Skippy, he hates the Creepy Old Lady and in "Ask Skippy #18 - Middle Name," he approached the lady (which made her scream in fear), grabbed her with his mouth and threw her around, and then threw her up in the air, seemingly killing her.

As a puppetEdit

Dennis is a rubber T-rex puppet.



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