Evil Clown
Evil clown


Evil Clown




Murdering people, boofering, eating puppies for breakfast, himself


Skippy, Finney, Clawverbro



"Oops! I did it again! (Laughs evilly) I boofered! Ha haaaa!"
―The Evil Clown after he farts[src]

The Evil Clown is a character in the Skippy Shorts franchise. He is a diabolical clown who likes causing mischief and chaos, such as murdering people and farting.

It is currently unknown what his real name is, although he is nicknamed "Clown" by Skippy.


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The Evil Clown is extremely insane, angry, mischievous, selfish, black-hearted, stubborn, and overall evil in nature. He loves murder and eating little puppy dogs for breakfast (as revealed in "Finney's Really Dumb Ramblings #1"). In "#17 - Britney Spears," he laughed about how he farted in front of Skippy while pretending it was an accident.


The Evil Clown has a raspy, devious voice.

Ghost of Christmas Future

The Evil Clown playing the Ghost of Christmas Future in "The Shortest Christmas Carol EVER!!!"

In "The Shortest Christmas Carol EVER!!!", he played the role of the Ghost of Christmas Future, and he introduced Scrooge (played by Rufus T.) to his grave and told him to smell it until Scrooge woke up and realized that it was all a dream.

As a puppet

The Evil Clown is a Sunny Puppets clown puppet. He has huge white crazed eyes and black hairy eyebrows. The clown lacks visible legs since that is where his puppeteer's hand slips in to control him.

He wears a black red-striped top hat, a white shirt with red stripes, a red nose, and a white makeup smile on his mouth. In the episode "#29 - Britney's New Album!", he was seen to be wearing red pants with no shoes for the first time.



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