Finney's Christmas Sandwich!
Christmas Sandwich


September 8, 2013

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Finney's Christmas Sandwich!

Finney's Christmas Sandwich!

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Finney is singing the lyric "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah" from "I've Been Working on the Railroad," which he calls "Someone's in the kitchen with Santa." Skippy shows up dancing with Finney for a moment and then, as a record scratch is heard, Skippy asks Finney what he is doing and he tells him he is making a "meatball fur ball hairball and butterball sandwich" since it is the holiday seasons. Skippy facepalms himself and tells Finney he is weird and leaves. Finney says that his imaginary friend Billy-Billy Tom-Tom doesn't seem to think so. Soon enough, there is a small explosion and Billy-Billy Tom-Tom appears and confirms to Finney that he doesn't think he is weird. He tells his friend to make him another one of his sandwiches and wishes him a merry Christmas. Finney agrees and he and Billy-Billy Tom-Tom both laugh. Suddenly, Finney starts screaming as Billy-Billy Tom-Tom starts to strangle him out of irritation.