Finney's Really Dumb Ramblings #1


November 19, 2008

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Finney's Really Dumb Ramblings



Finney's Really Dumb Ramblings 100:40

Finney's Really Dumb Ramblings 1

"Finney's Really Dumb Ramblings #1" is the 1st episode of Finney's Really Dumb Ramblings.


Finney tells the viewers that he once baked bubblegum pie for his sick grandmother. He tried flying to her house, but his arms got too tired. However, he eventually managed to show up at her house and his delighted grandmother suggested they go to the circus; and so, they both skipped and hopped on their way there.

By the time they arrived at the circus, a creepy-looking clown approached them and ominously told them that he likes to eat little puppies for breakfast. Finney finishes the story by saying that was when he wet himself.


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