Finney Answers the Questions: Do Puppets Wear Pants?


August 2, 2010

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Finney Answers the Question Do Puppets Wear Pants?

Finney Answers the Question Do Puppets Wear Pants?

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Finney greets the viewers and tells them he is here again for "Video Log #2." He says he knows he just put one, but was so excited to answer some of the viewers' questions. Finney says he will answer a question and looks for one and finally finds a good one. He says, "I want Finney to answer this question." and tells the viewers this question is from a user called jFaltzar. He reads the question, which reads, "Dear Finney, do puppets wear pants?". Finney says he doesn't know, so he thinks and asks himself how he would know that. Finney says he cannot think of a way he would know the answer to the question and says he doesn't actually know if they do and that it makes him worry if there are a bunch of cold, "pantsless" puppets wandering the streets and their bottoms would get wet if they sit down. Panicking, Finney says he has to do something about this and tells the viewers to hold on and that he will be right back and leaves.
When he returns, he introduces a cause he is starting called PANTZ 4 PUPETS and that the viewers must donate to it. Finney tells the viewers that if they donate to that, then puppets can finally have pants. After putting the sign away, he says to make sure they donate to PANTZ 4 PUPETS so puppets can have some pants and that they have to have them. Finney looks down and he says he has to go (to the bathroom) and says bye and runs off.