Finney Introduces The Next SkippyShort!
Skippy Shorts Finney Introduces The Next SkippyShort


March 14, 2011

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Finney Introduces The Next SkippyShort!!!00:43

Finney Introduces The Next SkippyShort!!!

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Finney greets the viewers and tells them that he has a brand-new Skippy Short to show them today. He introduces the episode, which is "The Emperor's New Clothes."

The video starring Skippy plays in fast forward from start to end.

Finney says he thinks he just "broke the Internet", but adds that they will fix it and make it the regular speed and show it to the viewers in a couple of days. He says he hopes they can wait, but doesn't know if he can and then proceeds to repeatedly slam into the wall impatiently.

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