Have Have You Evah?
Have Have You Evah


September 14, 2010

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Have Have You Evah?01:23

Have Have You Evah?

"Have Have You Evah?" is the 4th episode of skippythe2nd.


Taken from "Ask Skippy #17 - Sitcom," Skippy and Iggy dance to a special rap song. Skippy raps what he said earlier in the episode (once again twice), "HAVE HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LIKE IN LIKE YEAH!".

The scene goes to a "Cop solo" and Skippy tells Cop that he has to sing something and he replies, "Well here I come!". Skippy asks if he is serious and a confused Iggy asks what that is supposed to mean. Cop says he thought they asked him to break it down and dances with the Creepy Old Lady. The Cop asks to hear the ladies holler for him, to which the Creepy Old Lady does. Disgusted, Cop says he is going to have to grab his 9 and maybe "he'll be doin' time" and shoots the old lady.


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