Iggy Iguana
Iggy Iguana


Iggy Iguana




Cop, protecting people, fighting crime and taking breaks with Cop, helping Cop arrest people, making fun of Cop's mother's mustache


Criminals, people breaking the law, Cop's mother and grandmother



Iggy Iguana is the secondary tritagonist of the Skippy Shorts franchise. He is a French-Mexican-accented lizard who is Cop's best friend, partner in crime, and sidekick.


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Iggy is just as corrupt, energetic, crazy, loud, and generic as Cop is, if not quite as trigger-happy and dim-witted. He has a naughty side as he has a tendency to poke fun at Cop's mother and her unusual mustache, much to his extreme irritation and anger.


Occasionally, Iggy insults Cop's mother's mustache and sometimes teases him about it, which provokes the Cop and leads up to a fight between them. Despite these feuds, the duo remain best friends.

In "Finney's Story #2 - Dragon," Iggy played the role of the dragon named Frank. Fireman Zeus, who had set out to defeat the fire-breathing dragon, noticed his appearance and realized that he wasn't fierce-looking after all; so he teases Iggy by roughly poking him in the eye, which hurts him. Zeus begs a now-angered Iggy not to eat him and when he tells him to give him a good reason, Zeus says because he doesn't taste like chicken. Then he tells Iggy he isn't even a dragon, but a lizard; however, Iggy protests that he is a dragon. This leads to a short argument and at one point, when Fireman Zeus says, "Dragon!", Iggy says, "Dragon!" as well, so Zeus corrects him by saying he's supposed to say, "Lizard!" when he [Zeus] says, "Dragon!"; so they try again and Iggy finally admits that he's a fierce lizard and proceeds to threaten to breathe fire all over Fireman Zeus, bite off his toes one by one, throw him in a volcano, stir him around, and call him soup.

As a puppet

Iggy is a Folkmanis iguana puppet. His lime green arm socket behind his legs is controlled by a puppeteer to control him.


  • Despite being a protagonist, Iggy can be called one of the antagonists / anti-heroes as some of his personality is negative, just like Cop.
  • Despite his appearance as an iguana, Iggy is always referred to as a lizard.



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