Justin Bieber and SATAN?
Justin Bieber and SATAN?


September 7, 2010

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Justin Bieber and SATAN?00:36

Justin Bieber and SATAN?

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The video opens with the title saying, "A word from the CHIMP!", with a chimpanzee standing behind an aqua-blue background. The Chimp says he heard "nonsense" about Justin Bieber, so he listened to his music online to do research on him and vomited everywhere and rubbed all over himself, now making himself stink. He proceeds to say he had to find out where Bieber came from, so he did more research on Wikipedia and found out that he was directly related to Satan (which he says makes sense to him). He then saw pictures of him and said he was a teenaged brat, that he sings "stupid" songs like "Baby," and that he got "kicked out of Heaven". The chimpanzee then finishes saying, "Ohhhh, baby!".

The scene switches to a montage of an evil-looking Justin Bieber with Satan and a terrified scream is heard in the background.


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