NearFar's 2008 Year In Review


December 30, 2008

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NearFar's 2008 Year In Review!!

NearFar's 2008 Year In Review!!

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Rufus T. announces that 2008 will go down in history as being a "pretty cruddy year" as there is no peace in the Middle East and the economy has got everyone in the state of fear. He then sings that Oprah and Jesse Jackson cried and Heath Ledger and George Carlin died and finishes with, "What a what a what a what a, what a what a what a what a, what a caca year!".

The scene goes to Cop briefly dancing, with the captions "2008 GO BY-BY" above him. He announces that his friend the Clown is going to dance "2008 style" and says they better listen or he will shoot them in the face, with the captions "SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE" appearing. The Clown appears and begins to rap, saying that Metallica released a new album and says that it is pretty fast and he is very proud of them. As well, he raps that Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus "made the front page, but not for the art they do". He also raps that he saw a story about a pregnant guy, which made him want to vomit and poke out his eyes. The Clown also raps that John Edwards (whom he calls a "lyin' jerk") made a baby that he said was not his work. He finishes by saying, "All 2008 was crazy whack, yo!".

The scene goes to Dwayne singing that Barack Obama and John McCain had it out in battle and that Barack's running mate was a dunderhead while McCain's was a bathing suit model. He also sings that Hillary Clinton was also in there while George W. Bush did not understand why everyone was fighting. He also sings that Bill Gates quit and said he was done and that the stocket market made the businessman run. He then sings that with all these massive bothers, he wishes he could bring back his four Fathers.

Finally, the scene goes to Skippy saying that 2008 wasn't all bad and that there was some good that happened this year. He then sings that the good things are Michael Phelps winning 8 gold, O. J. Simpson sent to prison until he is "good and old", gas prices dropped so they can now all drive, Shakira, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Alba are still alive, the Chargers made the playoffs, and with all the global warming, it is really not that hot. Skippy concludes by saying that 2008 was not that great, but hopes that 2009 is less stupid, shouting the last word as part of his catchphrase.

The scene cuts to a screenshot with a thought bubble saying, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" and the captions saying, "SEE YOU IN 2009."