Skippy's Election thoughts!
Skippy's Election Thoughts


November 1, 2012

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Skippy's Election thoughts!

Skippy's Election thoughts!

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Skippy welcomes everyone to the year 2012, where the politics are "fumin'". He says this year, we have our current president "Bill Cosby" (in reality, Barack Obama) and we have got "Joseph Smith" (in reality, Mitt Romney), so now, it is up to the viewers, Skippy, and the viewers' mother (which he finds quite awkward) to decide who to vote for: "Bill Cosby" or "Joseph Smith" (the mormon). Skippy says neither of these guys are all that great. He is interrupted when he says, "He got the black--" when someone shouts, "Watch yo' mouth!". So he corrects himself and says, "He got Bill Cosby! All he does is shoot hoops and like to kill little baby elves! Then he got the white mormon dude! All he want to do all day is kick old ladies!" and cannot decide who to vote for. Finally, he says to vote for him and shouts, "STUPID!". Skippy finishes the episode by saying in a music tone, "Wah-wah wah-wah wah!" (similar to the adults in the Peanuts franchise).