Skippy's Excuse


February 23, 2007

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Skippy's Excuse

Skippy's Excuse

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Skippy Shorts Skippy at the Viking Convention

Skippy at the Viking Convention

Skippy is walking and singing to himself, when he turns his head and notices the viewers on YouTube and greets them. Skippy apologizes for not answering their emails in a little while because he has been busy in the Alps at the Viking Convention, but assures them he should be back soon. He tells them as soon as he gets back into town, he promises to start emailing them, answering their emails, saying hello, and "being stupid" again. Skippy apologizes and says he is not lazy. Then his hat falls off and Skippy shakes with anger and screams, "STUPIIIIIII-D!!!".

The scene cuts to a montage that says, "Skippy Will Be Back Next Week!".

Before the episode ends, Skippy says there is nothing more frustrating than when you have a Viking convention and the hat doesn't stay on your head and, for the last time, shouts, "STUPID!".