SkippyClips - BEAST DRINK!
Beast Drink


November 3, 2009

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SkippyClips - BEAST DRINK!

SkippyClips - BEAST DRINK!

"SkippyClips - BEAST DRINK!" is the 5th episode of SkippyClips.


An exhausted elderly man is walking down the street out of breath, saying he is so old and tired. Suddenly, a Spanish cougar shows up and tells the man that he believes he is in need of the powerful, patented Beast Drink, which smells like cat pee, but will give anyone who drinks it the "strength of a million cougars".

The old man asks the cougar if it will give him the energy to "wrestle baby kittens". After a pause, the cougar says they will talk about it later and tells him to just drink the Beast Drink. The man does so, but doesn't feel anything, so the cougar tells him to wait for it. He sniffs the air and smells it happening and he suddenly explodes into a muscular, strong man. Highly impressed, the cougar tells him that he looks amazing and asks how he feels. The old man says he feels so good and decides to strangle real life cats instead of kittens. Dumbfounded, the cougar asks what he said, only for the man to begin to strangle him to death.