Genre Comedy / Drama / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Family
Created by Greg Harrisberg
Jack Rennon
Starring Greg Harrisberg
Jack Rennon
Country of Origin United States
Running time Various
Broadcast YouTube
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 157
Original Run December 29, 2006 – present
External links
Site YouTube channel

skippyshorts is a YouTube channel, created by Greg Harrisberg and Jack Rennon on December 29, 2006.

The channel features the voices of Harrisberg and Rennon as Skippy Shorts and Finney.

It was followed by a second channel skippythe2nd.


The channel was created when Skippy posted a video titled "#1-Goldilocks," which has over 33 thousand views (as of December 2016).


The videos on skippyshorts have received positive reactions from YouTube users and viewers. Most of the videos have more voted likes than voted dislikes.

skippyshorts has received 6,480 subscribers and 4.2 million video views, as of November 2013.


External linksEdit

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