Special # 5 - A Word From Jack & Groggle


August 10, 2010

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Special 5 - A Word From Jack & Groggle

Special 5 - A Word From Jack & Groggle

"Special # 5 - A Word From Jack & Groggle" is the 5th special of the Skippy Shorts franchise.


Jack greets the Groggle Monster and he asks who he is, to which Jack introduces himself and since he is one of the founding fathers of Skippy Shorts, which makes him the Groggle Monster's "daddy". In response, Groggle says, "Holy cat!" and Jack replies, "Meow!". Groggle asks him what is happening and he says he just wanted to let everyone know that the new Skippy Shorts website is almost done. The Groggle Monster tells Jack that he and the crew have been working on it for over a year, to which Jack hits Groggle and yells, "It takes a long time to make a website, okay?!" and Groggle replies, "Okay!".

Jack proceeds to tell the viewers they are getting ready to launch the new site and they would like to know what kind of Skippy Shorts videos are their favorites: Ask Skippy, Skippy Shorts, Movie Reviews, Mega Battles, or "Groggle Getting Punched in the Face videos" and soon enough, Groggle gets punched in the face again. Jack tells the viewers to ask now and to post them a comment and they will get right on it. He asks what type of Skippy videos are their favorites. Groggle says he likes the Silent Shorts, only to get punched in the face and Jack yells that they only make one of those; Groggle frantically apologizes.

Jack gets back to the viewers and tells them to just write them in the comments and if they have questions for him and his lovable partner Greg, send them an email at He tells them it is up to them soon and Groggle gets punched in the face one last time.